• Corporate Mission

    SOLUXLED Lighting, a leading green and intelligent technology lighting manufacturer,have a independent division, more than 200 kinds of led power supply, specialize in indoor.commercial, interior induction, outdoor and Emergency Lighting.

    SOLUXLED Goal is to serve the growing need for energy efficient, sustainable lighting and control solutions. SOLUXLED Enterprises has over 10 years combined experience in lighting manufacturing and has produced over 500 different products for the different application .SOLUXLED Lighting is developing overall dimming technology, application:  supermarket, shops, office, meeting rooms etc.

    Our mission is to be the leading provider of innovative, environmentally-friendly. high quality fixtures and related products to the worldwide commercial, institutional and utility markets. As a recognized leader in the lighting industry it is our responsibility to deliver superior value to our customers and their clients on a consistent basis. This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously develop and improve our products and processes necessary to fulfill today’s need for quality, energy-efficient, Eco-friendly lighting solutions.

    R&D Innovtion
    Our experience in energy-efficient lighting solutions stems from years of industry renowned research and development, working hand-in-hand with leading public companies and institutions. Innovations introduced by SOLUXLED Lighting include:


              Four stage dimmable overall control dimming technology

              LED Touch Panel overall CCT and dimming control technology


              LED multi-function lighting APP control technology

              Developing new lighting control solutions for saving energy


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